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Cyber security and social media

Social media has become a way of life for many people. But, as with anything else online, it’s important to be aware of

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Common Threats

Information leak

An information leak is when your private information gets released without your permission. This can happen through an i


Webcam and password blackmail scam

29 October 2018



Concerns over security increase as more people hit the online shops

Research shows that as more people are transacting online, concerns about the security of online shopping are on the min

29 April 2021


Keeping your mobile phone safe and secure

For many of us, our mobile phone has become something we can’t do without. We carry it around with us all day, and we us


Malware targeting business customers of New Zealand banks

12 October 2018

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New Zealanders report almost $17 million in loss due to cyber security incidents

CERT NZ’s latest report, released today, shows a 65% increase in reports of cyber security incidents over the past year,

24 March 2021


Shopping online safely

While shopping online has price and convenience advantages, it can also come with online security risks.


Invoice scams affecting New Zealand businesses

31 August 2018

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CERT NZ’s threat feed saves New Zealanders a costly tax year

CERT NZ’s timely actions have saved some New Zealanders a costly end to the tax year. With the help of CERT NZ’s threat

22 March 2021


Extracting header information from an email

If you've received a phishing email or other email scam, you can find details of who sent it to you in the email's heade


New malware found on routers

7 June 2018

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Reserve Bank of New Zealand data breach

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has suffered a data breach which has been widely reported in New Zealand media. The bre

13 January 2021

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Common Threats

Text message scams

Text message (SMS) scams are when a scammer will use an initial text message sent directly to you to gain financial deta


Keeping cryptocurrency secure

Cryptocurrency is a term used to describe digital currency that first achieved popularity with bitcoin in 2008.


Misuse of Cisco devices

18 April 2018