We highlight current cyber security threats in New Zealand, and provide guidance on what to do if they affect you.

12:10pm, 14 December 2018

TLP Rating: White

What's happening

Systems affected

A small number of New Zealanders have reported receiving threatening emails that claim an explosive device is hidden in the recipient’s office, and will be detonated unless an amount of ransom in bitcoin is paid.

While this is likely to be an opportunistic scam, New Zealand Police are working to confirm the validity of the threats until confirmed otherwise. If you receive the email, we encourage you to contact New Zealand Police on 111. 

What to do


If you receive this email, CERT NZ recommends you contact New Zealand Police immediately on 111.

  • Do not respond or try to contact the sender.
  • Do not pay the ransom or take any further action until you have spoken to New Zealand Police.
  • Keep the email as evidence to pass to New Zealand Police. 

More information

For media enquiries, contact our media team at or call on 027 442 2141.