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Business cyber health check

Get a quick cyber health check on your business by answering these six questions.


Weakness in commonly-used software component being used by attackers.

13 December 2021


FluBot malware infecting Android phones

4 October 2021

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Common Threats


Top 10 questions and answers on ransomware.


Building a positive cyber security culture in your business

Your people are another important defence in protecting your business from cyber security threats!


Security issue with Adobe Acrobat and Reader

12 May 2021

CERT TEC 180518 WEB 268

Common Threats

Phishing scams and your business

Phishing scams are one of the most common, prolific and successful attacks we see. It’s important to know how to protect

CERT TEC 180518 WEB 265


CERT NZ urges businesses to fix Java software weakness as soon as possible

A serious weakness has been discovered in a software component widely used by businesses and organisations.

13 December 2021

CERT TEC 180518 WEB 39

Common Threats

Protecting your business from spear phishing and whaling

Targeted email scams to your business are harder to spot so you’re more likely to trust them.


Microsoft 365 phishing using fake voicemail messages

19 April 2021