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Practical information on keeping systems and data safe from attack.


How ransomware happens and how to stop it

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly common and sophisticated. This is how CERT NZ’s critical controls can help.

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Be Cyber Smart

Cyber security threats are on the rise, so let’s Up our online defences.


Log4j RCE 0-day actively exploited

20 December 2021


Legacy systems

Legacy systems are systems that are no longer supported by the vendor, or systems that an organisation no longer maintai

2019 05 30 MTP 1764

Critical Controls

Multi-factor authentication and verification

You can authenticate with something you know, something you have, or something you are. Multi-factor authentication (MFA

CERT CAFE 180426 WEB 21


Remote working putting organisations at risk of ransomware

CERT NZ is urging Kiwi organisations to tighten up the way they enable remote working for staff to avoid a ransomware at

2 August 2021