Samoa and New Zealand sign collaborative agreement on cyber security

SamCERT and CERT NZ have signed a strategic agreement to enhance collaborative cyber security efforts in the region.

27 April 2022

The Framework of Cooperation agreement allows for knowledge sharing and understanding of cyber security issues between the Samoan and New Zealand governments’ cyber security agencies, SamCERT and CERT NZ.

Pacific partners, Samoa and New Zealand, have areas of common interest which the Framework of Cooperation has been focused on. The two agencies will support each other through:

  • reciprocal information sharing
  • sharing establishment experience
  • active sharing of data to assist in responding to incidents, and
  • Incident handling and collaborating to develop projects to bolster cyber awareness and resilience.

 CERT NZ director Rob Pope said, “reflecting on the five years since our launch, CERT NZ’s international partnerships have been so valuable in increasing our expertise and awareness.”

“We are excited to build on our relationships with MCIT Samoa and SamCERT”, said Pope, “as we continue to work closely on cyber safety and security in Samoa, New Zealand and the wider Pacific.”

“This agreement will have a practical influence on our combined goal of raising awareness of cyber safety and security.”

Acting MCIT Samoa CEO and interim SamCERT lead Suetena Faatuuala Loia agreed, noting that “this new partnership with CERT NZ will help increase the capacity of SamCERT in the cybersecurity space, aiding Samoa and its brothers and sisters in the Pacific cluster of nations”.

“Samoa continues to build its digital strength through rapid developments in all sectors of the country. The need to build resilient and robust systems for these sectors requires good cybersecurity coordination that, with this new partnership, SamCERT can now provide more easily.”