New Zealand takes the first step in creating a lead operational cyber security agency

31 August 2023

CERT NZ today joined with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the first step in creating a lead operational cyber security agency. 

“The key thing for our customers to know is that our existing core services continue,” head of the NCSC, Lisa Fong said.

“This initial shift has been designed to minimise disruption to customers, with the move simply transferring CERT NZ’s operations and staff from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to the NCSC.”

Today’s change creates a similar cyber security agency structure that Australia, the UK and Canada operate – single agencies with a wide span of responsibilities and customers.

“We will shortly begin work to design a new integrated operating model that uses our enhanced scale and capability to provide a stronger cyber security system and improved customer service for New Zealanders,” said Ms Fong.

In the meantime, CERT NZ and NCSC will continue to deliver existing functions.

However, over time you can expect to see increased collaboration as we move towards a single integrated operational agency.

“While it will take significant time to complete the integration, we hope to find opportunities along the way to leverage the expertise of both CERT NZ and NCSC in the services we provide.”

“Both CERT NZ and NCSC have ambitious programmes of delivery underway, and will continue that work,” CERT NZ Director Rob Pope said.

“We look forward to providing a more integrated range of products and services to New Zealanders.”

This is an exciting opportunity to set New Zealand up to tackle emerging cyber security challenges. We will endeavour to keep you updated on progress as we continue this work.

For more information about the move to a lead operational cyber security agency, see the media release at the official New Zealand Government website. External Link



  1. CERT NZ was established in 2017 as a public-facing cyber security agency for government, to support a broad range of businesses, organisations and individuals who are or may be affected by cyber security incidents. CERT NZ provides information and advice, collates a profile of the threat landscape in New Zealand and offers incident response support to those that need it. See for more information.
  2. The NCSC is part of the GCSB and provides a range of cyber security services which include preventative advice, threat detection and disruption services to nationally significant organisations, protection of classified information, and support to regulatory decisions over a range of sectors. The NCSC hosts the Government Chief Information Security Officer function. The NCSC responds to high-impact cyber incidents at a national level. See External Link for more information