Kiwis urged to get the cyber security basics right

CERT NZ is urging everyone to make sure they’ve got basic cyber security safety measures in place.

31 August 2021

CERT NZ Threat and Incident Response Manager Nadia Yousef says the COVID-19 lockdown has had an impact on the threat landscape due to greater numbers of Kiwis working from home.

“We know cyber attackers are opportunistic and are just waiting for people to let their guard down.

“While we are optimistic that Kiwi businesses have heard the cyber security message, the last thing online businesses or people working and learning from home need right now is to suffer a cyber security attack and have to cope with the huge disruptions that follow.

“These could include loss of personal information and records, income, assets, productivity or customer trust and goodwill.

“Backing up your information and records, having strong passwords that aren’t used on multiple accounts, making sure apps and devices have got the latest updates installed, and making sure two-factor authentication is used wherever possible are critical habits to get into.

“Businesses and organisations should make sure their remote access systems are as secure as they can be and pay very careful attention to emails requesting payment or personal information, particularly invoices,” Nadia says.

The CERT NZ website contains easily accessible advice and information including the top 11 cyber security tips for your business and the top 11 cyber security tips for individuals. 

CERT NZ is operating under all Covid-19 Alert Levels so if you or your organisation experiences a cyber security incident you can report it online External Link or call 0800 CERT NZ, Monday to Friday, 7am – 7pm.