Free webinars for small businesses and organisations

This year CERT NZ is hosting a series of interactive webinars for small businesses and organisations. Find out more below.

2 February 2024

The number of cyber attacks on businesses is continuing to rise and we know that not everyone knows how to protect against them.

That's why CERT NZ is running a series of online seminars on cyber security for businesses and organisations. 

Whether your business is big or small, we're inviting you to join us over the year to learn about how you can keep your data, networks, customer information, and reputation secure.

Our first webinar – Tuesday 27 February – is a great start for those who feel like they don't know where to begin in the world of online security. 

What to expect?

•    Understanding the Basics: We'll break down those online security concepts, that can often seem a bit tricky, into simple digestible bits without the technical jargon.

•    Exposing Online Threats: Knowing how these cyber attacks work does a lot to lower the intimidation factor. Learn how to identify and address potential risks to keep your business secure.

•    Practical Tips for Business Owners: We'll talk about best practices and what easily actionable steps you can take to keep your business secure.

•    Interactive Q&A Session: Have burning questions or want us to dive into certain areas? Our experts will be on hand to provide their insights and guidance, to make sure you leave with a clearer understanding of online security for your business.

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We'd love your ideas for futures webinars. These will only be helpful to you if they're on the right topics. Send us through your suggestions and we'll incorporate them into future talks.