Cyber security quiz

Cyber security attacks are becoming more and more common, so it’s important to know what you can do to protect your personal and financial information online. While there’s no bulletproof way to prevent an attack, there are some simple cyber security steps you can take to help lessen the risk.

3 - 5 minutes

How cyber secure are you?

Take our self-assessment to check you have the basics covered and at the end, we'll send you an email to give you:

  • a better idea of your cyber security strengths and weaknesses
  • easy-to-follow tips to improve your online safety.

Do you back up your information on a cloud service or hard drive?

Do you keep your apps and devices up-to-date?

Do you use different passwords on each of your accounts?

Have you set your privacy settings in your social media accounts to only friends and family?

Do you have two-factor authentication on your important accounts like email?