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Misuse of Cisco devices

18 April 2018

2019 05 10 MTP 0419


COVID-19: supporting people to work from home

A number of New Zealand businesses and organisations are encouraging their staff to work from home during the COVID-19 p

9 March 2020


RealMe phishing emails

7 March 2018


Keeping your mobile phone safe and secure

For many of us, our mobile phone has become something we can’t do without. We carry it around with us all day, and we us

2019 05 30 MTP 1764


Safer Internet Day – help kids stay safe online

This time of year kids are heading back to school, often with new devices. The start of February not only marks the retu

4 February 2020


Vulnerabilities in computer processors

8 January 2018


Shopping online safely

While shopping online has price and convenience advantages, it can also come with online security risks.

2019 05 16 MTP 0646

Common Threats

COVID-19 vaccine scams

Scammers will use any opportunity to try to trick and manipulate people into giving out their personal or financial deta

2019 05 30 MTP 1904 v2


Buying devices for back to school

There are a lot of sales on at the moment, which makes it a great time to buy that device for when kids go back to schoo

8 January 2020


Extracting header information from an email

If you've received a phishing email or other email scam, you can find details of who sent it to you in the email's heade


Attackers using COVID-19 themed scams - updated alert

26 March 2020


Businesses compromised through remote access systems

16 June 2020


Cryptocurrency security

Cryptocurrency is a term used to describe digital currency that first achieved popularity with bitcoin in 2008.


How the cloud works

We’ve all heard people referring to ‘the cloud’ but it’s often not clear what that actually means. What is the cloud?


Malware being spread via email attachments

7 September 2020

Declan Ingram


Dec signs off

Former CERT NZ Deputy Director, Declan Ingram was one of the founding members of CERT NZ. After four years, he has moved

29 January 2021