Rob's Christmas Message from CERT NZ

If I can give you one message to take into 2024 it would be: Own Your Online.

20 December 2023

Own Your Online – that's the attitude we want every Kiwi to have and it's also the name of our new website for the people and businesses of Aotearoa. External Link is the first stop for anyone wanting to know more about the cyber threats facing New Zealand and the easy steps they can take to be safe from them. It's the culmination of a lot of work into how people understand cyber security and the types of messages that resonate with them.

Cyber security isn't at the forefront of people's minds and isn't a main worry, which is fair enough with everything going on in the world. But we know that CERT NZ needs to be available with the information when people need it.

We combined the website launch in October with our annual Cyber Smart Week. This year's campaign was called Exposed: Through the lens of a hacker and showcased real New Zealanders who had been directly impacted by cybercrime. This was a new track for us, but the feedback we had was positive as many people resonated with the stories of those willing to go public in the hope that they could help others avoid being victims.

Exposed: Through the lens of hacker.  External Link

Over the course of the year, we've seen a number of cyber attacks with some of the same ones cropping up again and again. It shows that scammers aren't abandoning these methods in a hurry and it's up to agencies like CERT NZ to ensure that New Zealanders know what to do when they encounter them.

Finally, CERT NZ got a new home this year. We're now under the umbrella of the Government Communications Security Bureau. However, we want to assure New Zealanders that we are still looking out for individuals, businesses and large organisations, to keep you secure online.

Stay safe over the summer break and remember to keep all our simple security tips in mind.

Five quick steps to online security External Link