Preparing your business for Alert Level 3

In Alert Level 3, businesses should still work from home unless they’re unable to and maintain social distancing from others. We’ve got some advice to help you make adjustments to keep trading where possible.

24 April 2020

Working from home

Changing the location or type of device you access your business systems from may bypass some of your regular security controls. If your business has work you can do from home, we’ve developed some tips on how to enable your staff to do that securely.

Accessing work systems remotely

It's likely that in the last month you’ve had to change the way you work and access information. We've created a guide to help you understand the best way to access your network remotely. You may need IT support to set some of them up.

Types of remote access software

Giving access to tools

Some tools and software don't need to be hosted on an office server, as they're accessed from an internet browser. Tools you log in to online are called software as a service (SaaS). Read our guide to see how to assess which tools suit your business and how to use them securely.

Software as a service tools

Protect your website

During Alert Level 3 businesses can send items if they can do it while meeting public health guidelines. This means you may want to offer items for sale on your website, or your business may rely on website sales more than before. This means you want to make sure your website is secure so that you can keep processing these orders. Read our guidance to see how you can keep your website secure.

Shopping online safely

Your business may need to make purchases, at Alert Level 3 you'll be able to purchase more goods online. Make sure that the sites you're purchasing from are legitimate.

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