CERT NZ’s Two Steps, Too Easy campaign is encouraging small-to-medium businesses to use two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect their online accounts.

Maintaining good cyber security is a top concern for businesses but they often don’t know where to start. 2FA is an easy step that adds a second layer of protection to an account, so you can protect the things that are important to you.

22 May 2023

This second layer of protection could be a uniquely generated code from their phone or an app, or something like facial recognition or a fingerprint.  Used alongside a password, it means businesses are less vulnerable to scams and online attacks.

“By adding 2FA, you significantly reduce the risk of a cyber security attack,” said CERT NZ Threat and Incident response senior analyst Sam Leggett. “Even if someone else gets hold of your login and password, there’s a second layer of security to keep them out.”

This additional security is particularly important as phishing attacks grow.

“At CERT NZ we are receiving more and more reports of sophisticated fake emails and texts, trying to get users to click on links or fill in their personal details and passwords on fake websites.

“Having 2FA in place means any attempt to access your account using your password will trigger a 2FA notification, alerting you to the breach.

Account compromise attacks can lead to further risks, such as unauthorised access to accounts or impersonation of a business to send fake invoices.

By putting 2FA in place, a business reduces the risk of attackers getting that access, giving business owners one less thing to worry about.

“We recommend businesses set 2FA for all their most important accounts – including banking, email and social media accounts, said Leggett.”

CERT NZ has spoken to four small business owners who use 2FA and know how useful it can be. From sole traders to online retailers to small industrial companies, each business type has different needs and processes, but 2FA works for every situation as a quick and easy protection.

Find out more about 2FA and read the four business case studies on the CERT NZ website to learn why and how each chose to implement 2FA to protect what they value.

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