Full Length: 2mins


Welcome to your new account

Would you like me to suggest a strong password?


Can I suggest a strong password?

Woman: Ok

Your password is 4tY @HK bc&7

Woman: I’m never going to remember that

Computer: You can create your own Passphrase

Woman: What’s a passphrase?

Computer: It’s four or more random words that’re easy to remember but difficult for cyber attackers to guess

Woman: Cat … steve…plumber…

Steve: Almost done, another five minutes

Woman: Not random enough


Woman: hmm, I need one more word

Man: Honey, have you seen the sauce?

Computer: Perfect! That’s a long and strong password.

Woman: So sometimes an account asks me to use a number

Steve: Yes, some accounts may ask you to add numbers or symbols. You can easily add these to your passphrases. It’s the simple passwords that are easy for attackers to guess.

Woman: Like pie123

Steve: attackers use software that works through different combinations of letters numbers and symbols to try and crack the password.

Woman: So if it’s short?

Steve: it can be cracked in a couple of hours

Woman: ..and if it’s long and strong?

Steve: it could take thousands, millions of years. Oh, and a bit of advice, use different passwords on all your accounts. If an attacker gets access to one of your accounts, you only need to change the password for that one account.

Woman: Easy as pie

Man: Ok, got one.. pie1234

Woman: Nooo

Man: pie12345

Woman: Noooo

Man: Kale-salad-with-tahini

Woman: Perfect!

Steve: That’s great, but now you can’t use it. Never share your passwords. See ya.