Big Password Energy

Having Big Password Energy is all about being cyber confident and capable, making sure your device and online accounts are protected with the mean-est, strong-est passwords around.

It’s time to upgrade your weak passwords to strong and secure passphrases – and keep cyber attackers out.

How to get Big Password Energy

  • Use a passphrase made up of four or more random words*
  • Avoid using personal information (like your pet’s name)
  • Make sure you use a different password for each online account (start with bank, email and social media)

*if an account asks you to include numbers or symbols, you can easily tag them into your passphrase.

A passphrase is a string of four or more random words. They make the best passwords as they are easy to remember and just as strong as (and usually stronger than) a 10-character password that uses a mix of numbers, letters, and symbols.

A weak password like mittens123 can be cracked in minutes, and this means if you use weak passwords, everything you do online can be at risk. So much of our lives are stored in our online accounts - finances, personal information, private conversations – and are guarded by a password.

Unfortunately, cyber attackers use sophisticated tools and at CERT NZ are seeing how these baddies are breaking into accounts to take money, scam our loved ones, or use private information against us. In some cases, the damage they can do can take years to recover from.

Use a passphrases made up of four or more random words to keep your valuable information secure.

Meet the Big Password Energy crew

Meet the Big Password Energy crew, they found out first-hand how easy it was for their passwords to be cracked. Now, they use long, strong passphrases with four or more random words and life has never been so sweet. And secure.

password: MyPerfectlyTrimmedHedgeMeet Beverly

Beverly knew it was time to get her passwords in good shape when her grandkids cracked her tablet password on the second attempt, and she had a lot of new app purchases. Now her grandkids can’t compete with her Big Password Energy.

password: BeastModeNowActivatedMeet Riley

Riley wasn’t sure why he kept signing up to gaming websites when he spends most of his time in the gym. Plus, they were costing him a fortune. When he realised he wasn’t the only one using his email account he decided it was time to get Big Password Energy.

password: ThisGirlBitesBackMeet Ari

Ari decided it was time to get Big Password Energy after her social media account got hacked and her friends thought she’d become a cryptocurrency dealer. Ari decided it was time to update her password as it turns out it didn’t take long for hackers to guess her furry pal’s name. Sorry Rocky.

password: BadDayForSalmon Meet Trevor

Trevor thought it was a bit fishy when he couldn’t get into his online banking. He was right. Turns out using your birthdate in your password is not that hard to guess. Now, Trevor’s the Kingfish of Big Password Energy.

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