How to create a good password

Creating strong passwords for your online accounts is one of the most effective ways you can protect personal information and keep yourself safe from cyber attack.

Use a different password for every online account you have

Make them unique — use each password only once. Many of us use the same password for all our accounts, or stick to two or three different ones that we use over and over. The problem with this is that if an attacker gets hold of one of your account passwords, it'll give them access to any other accounts that share the same password.

Make your password long and strong

Sentences make the best passwords because they are easy to remember. A string of four or more words is just as strong as a 10 character password that uses a mix of numbers, letters and symbols.

Don’t use personal information to create your passwords

Personal information is easy to find online, especially if you use social media. Details about you like your date of birth, your address and even your pet’s name are only a few clicks away. They’re the first thing attackers check when they’re trying to hack into other people’s accounts. So if you share pictures of your dog online, make sure you don’t use your dog’s name as your password too.

Keep them safe

If you’re worried about remembering your passwords, try using a password manager. This will store and manage your passwords for you. The password manager will be the only account you need to remember login details for. And don’t share your passwords with anyone — this includes your partner, your parents and your children.

Keep your data safe with a password manager