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Practical information on keeping systems and data safe from attack.


Vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat and Reader being actively exploited

12 May 2021


Manage authentication

Using a combination of authentication security controls can protect your organisation from a wide range of unauthorised

2019 05 30 MTP 1674 v2


Stay alert to email and online shopping scams this holiday season

Christmas and the summer holidays are just around the corner, but unfortunately not everyone sees it as the season of go

6 November 2020

2019 05 16 MTP 1212

Critical Controls

Password manager

Providing a password manager for your staff to store their passwords, or other secrets like alarm codes, is a great way


QNAP NAS vulnerabilities exploited to deploy ransomware

29 April 2021


Unused services and protocols

Unused or older services and protocols often have their own vulnerabilities. Proactively scan your network for any that

CERT TEC 180518 WEB 56


Complacency makes Kiwis more vulnerable to cyber attacks

The volume and sophistication of financially-motivated cyber attacks has increased over the last six months, so it is cr

19 October 2020


Vulnerabilities in Apple operating systems reportedly being actively exploited

4 May 2021

2019 05 10 MTP 0502

Critical Controls

Security awareness building

Cyber attackers often rely on human behaviour, such as clicking on links or downloading and opening/executing files, to

CERT TEC 180518 WEB 295 v2


Online recruitment scams

Looking for a new job can be stressful at the best of times. It’s even more challenging when people use the opportunity

10 September 2020


Hardening RDP if you have to use it

Understanding why RDP is necessary and who needs access are important when hardening the RDP server. For example, if sta


Vulnerabilities in SonicWall Email Security actively exploited

21 April 2021


Secure defaults for macros

While macros have a valid business function, they are often used by attackers too. Using secure default configurations w

CERT TEC 180518 WEB 8 v2


COVID-19: operating your business under Alert Levels 1 and 2

Auckland is at Alert Level 2 and the rest of New Zealand at Alert Level 1. It’s important you run your business in line

28 September 2020


Vulnerability in Pulse Connect Secure actively exploited

21 April 2021

CERT TEC 180518 WEB 245


COVID-19: operating your business at all alert levels

We’ve got some advice to help you make adjustments to the way you work so you can keep your business operating safely un

13 August 2020