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Unused services and protocols

Unused or older services and protocols often have their own vulnerabilities. Proactively scan your network for any that


Oracle WebLogic vulnerability being exploited

20 June 2019

2019 05 30 MTP 1904 v2


Buying devices for back to school

There are a lot of sales on at the moment, which makes it a great time to buy that device for when kids go back to schoo

8 January 2020


Exim mail transfer agent (MTA) vulnerability being exploited

17 June 2019

Asset77525 Credit Chris Sisarich Exp 30 v2.08.21


Preparing your business for Alert Level 3

In Alert Level 3, businesses should still work from home unless they’re unable to and maintain social distancing from ot

24 April 2020


Asset lifecycle management

Tracking assets throughout their lifecycle allows your organisation to securely carry out system hardening, patching and


Hardening RDP if you have to use it

Understanding why RDP is necessary and who needs access are important when hardening the RDP server. For example, if sta


Critical vulnerability in Microsoft remote desktop services

5 November 2019

CERT TEC 180518 WEB 42


2020 CERTainly upped the ante

Michael Shearer, Principal Advisor - Threat and Vulnerabilities, takes a look at how the cyber security landscape shaped

22 December 2020

CERT TEC 180518 WEB 83 v3


Reserve Bank of New Zealand data breach

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has suffered a data breach which has been widely reported in New Zealand media. The bre

13 January 2021


Microsoft SharePoint vulnerability being exploited

13 May 2019


Google Chrome web browser vulnerability

7 March 2019

Declan Ingram


Dec signs off

Former CERT NZ Deputy Director, Declan Ingram was one of the founding members of CERT NZ. After four years, he has moved

29 January 2021


UPnProxy and 'EternalSilence' being used to exploit routers

30 November 2018


Banking malware targeting business customers of New Zealand banks

12 October 2018


VPNFilter malware

7 June 2018