COVID-19: operating your business at all alert levels

We’ve got some advice to help you make adjustments to the way you work so you can keep your business operating safely under all levels.

13 August 2020

Detailed advice on the rules on the operating of different alert levels while complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act can be found on the website.

Workplace operations at different alert levels – External Link

Protect your website

Your website is important to your business. It contains business and customer information that’s valuable to cyber attackers. This is particularly true if your website is an online store.

CERT NZ and Consumer Protection joined forces in 2020 for a new campaign to raise awareness among businesses and consumers about keeping safe and secure when transacting online, and the steps they can take to do that. 

CERT NZ's campaign encourages businesses to Trade Smart Online and offers practical steps to help keep their websites safe and secure.

Trade Smart online External Link

Consumer Protection’s Buy Smart Online campaign, provides steps consumers can take to stay safe and secure when shopping online.

Buy Smart online External Link

Working from home

If some, or all, of your staff are working from home we’ve developed some tips on how to do that securely.

Accessing work systems remotely

It’s likely you’ll have changed the way you work and access information. We’ve created a guide to help you understand the best way to access your network remotely. You may need IT support to set some of them up.

Types of remote access software External Link

Giving access to tools

Some tools and software don’t need to be hosted on an office server, as they’re accessed from an internet browser. Tools you log in to online are called software as a service (SaaS). Read our guide to see how to assess which tools suit your business and how to use them securely.

Software as a service tools External Link