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Online stores are not only enormously important to the businesses themselves, they also contain important customer information that's valuable to cyber attackers.

Trade Smart Online

CERT NZ and Consumer Protection have joined forces for a new campaign to raise awareness among businesses and consumers about keeping safe and secure when transacting online, and the steps they can take to do that. The first flight of the campaign ended on 31 August. The campaign will run again during the busy online Christmas gift-buying period from 1 November to 5 December 2020.

CERT NZ's campaign encourages businesses to Trade Smart Online and offers practical steps to help keep their websites safe and secure. Our four key Trade Smart messages are:

  • Protect it. Enable HTTPS across your website. 
  • Update it. Set software and devices to update automatically.
  • Secure it. Be PCI DSS compliant. Banks require it.
  • Keep it. Renew your domain name.

Visit our Trade Smart Online campaign page

Buy Smart Online

Consumer Protection's campaign encourages consumers to Buy Smart Online by pausing before they pay, and checking a few simple things about the site they're buying from. The four key Shop Smart messages are:

  • Check it. Buy from a secure website.
  • Prove it. Prove the seller is the real deal.
  • Trust it. Look for trusted ways of paying.
  • Guarantee it. Buying from a New Zealand business ensures you’re protected by the Consumer Guarantees Act.

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